Just yoga academy is 200-hours Registered Yoga School Program, approved by Yoga Alliance USA. It provides a teacher training program taught by qualified and experienced teacher. By creating a strong foundation, students will be able to have their own unique voice and teaching style.



First, Our Training Will Qualify You For Hatha or Vinyasa Teaching.

•Our qualified teacher will get to know you and your practice and will understand your strength and will work with you to overcome your strengths.

•The training is conducted in small group, after training we can also provide apprentice program for our trainee teachers to teach at Just yoga upon completion of the course.

• This program will be intense and demands commitment, dedication, and discipline, therefore you must simply have a passion for yoga.

• Students will be given many opportunities to teach as the lead instructor.

• This will include assisting and observing others and providing appropriate hands-on adjustments.

• You will receive and provide constructive feedback throughout the course.

Other Important Informations

Just yoga academy will provides books set, jalnetipot, T shirt, Program syllabus book, etc.


Program Prerequisites :

  • The desire to deepen your knowledge and love of yoga.
  • Have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months.

Program Requirements for Certification :

  • Attend all modules (five modules) in addition to personal practice.
  • All five modules must be taken in order.
  • Successfully complete and pass final exam.
  • Upon completion of the five modules, students will be awarded with Just Yoga Academy certificate and eligible for 200 hr Yoga Alliance USA registration.

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